Roll with a team to rank quickly

Roll with a team to rank quickly

Although playing Pokemon Go alone is enjoyable too, but after you open a Pokemon Go accounts, think about playing with a team or your fellow trainers to rank up quickly in the game.

After you log in to your Pokemon Go account, it lets you select between Red, Yellow or Blue upon reaching level 5, which forms a base for gym battles. Whenever you conquer a gym, which are shown around the landscape, you will claim for your team.

And you will feel great after you steal a particular gym from a stranger; it will make levelling up faster, if you start travelling with team members of opponent factions. This will help you roam around the land conquering gyms for your team, losing them to the fellow travellers and repeating the entire process.

This means you will get the XP that can be attained with defending and taking gyms without waiting for a trainer whom you don’t know to come and challenge you.

Also, you can learn a few tips to save data and battery life. Pokemon Go offers an in-built feature to save battery, which you can find in settings menu and it helps you continue hunting for a longer period of time.

Make sure your phone is not into process of downloading some app updates that pop up automatically using your data connection. Make sure you get these automatic updates only when you are connected to Wi-Fi connection. Turn off Wi-Fi assist from settings menu. You can also download some browsers that aid data conserving which will help you download versions of websites which are pared down restricts the usage of data.

These tips will certainly help save data as well as battery as you need your battery to last longer to catch Pokemon.

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